Teethers & Soothers

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Teethers and soothers

Parenting your little bundle of joy is not an easy job, it requires you to be attentive and on your toes, all the times. Teethers and Soothers come to rescue when kids become cranky and start crying during their teething phase. They will not only calm your little one but will also soothe their pain and help in the oral development of the kids.


Teething time is the phase that scares every mother, the reason being that during this phase the gums of the little one gets red and swollen and which sometimes are accompanied by loose motions as well. Due to this, the baby becomes cranky and irritated. This entire process becomes very excruciating for the babies. During this teething phase, the baby is looking to grab anything that comes into his/her reach and put into his/her mouth to soothe the pain. It can be any toy lying around, own hands or finger, anything that eases the pain. All these might make your kid fall sick. So, keeping in the hygiene and crankiness of the kids in mind teethers are developed. Baby teething toys provide comfort and ensure that the kid is not putting anything which is unhealthy into his/ her mouth. Baby teething toys give the relief, as it provides the stimulation which is required to secrete the saliva to soothe the swollen gums. Besides, teethers act as a playful object for the kids and help in the oral development of the kids. The best thing about them is in case they fall on the ground or you feel they are unhealthy to put back in the mouth you can sterilize them and make them germ-free.


Some babies have a habit of putting their fingers or thumb into their mouths, so you can introduce them to soothers then. They come in various flavors, attractive colors, and are completely safe for the kids. Soothers are either filled with some flavored solution, water or honey, which is made keeping in mind the safety of the kids. Moreover, they can be sterilized to make them germ-free and reusable again.

ToyCart brings teethers and soothers in attractive colors and shapes for different age groups. Shop online for convenient experience and enjoy the vast selection at low prices from trusted brands lie Chicco.

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