Funskool Othello Strategy & War Game

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  • Type : Strategy & War Games
  • Skillset : Curiosity Building, Problem Solving, Social Skills
  • Improves Brain Development
  • Includes Game Board, 64 Discs and Instructions Kit
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Product Description

A Minute To Learn, A Lifetime To Master ! Othello is a game where not all is Black and White. The lead can change hands from play to play and strategy is everything. Play is simple. Players are represented by either Black or White discs on the board. On each turn, players flank the discs of the opposing player between two of their own. Once captured, the double-sided discs are turned over and become the opposite color. If you have a move, you have to take it whether you want to or not. That's all, that's the entire game. But more and more discs fall to the opposing side with each turn. Where will it all end? Starting from just four discs to begin the game, play moves all over the board with as many as 64 discs placed by the final move. Play can end when one player can't make any more moves Or when the board is full. To add to the fun, if you can make a move but you're out of discs, your opponent has to give you one of theirs. That's like arming the enemy! As you become more and more familiar with Othello, certain strategies will begin to emerge. Owning a corner is always an advantage as that protects your discs in the immediate vicinity - your opponent can't outflank you. But is your opponent backing you towards a corner so they can try to control it themselves? That's the strategy of Othello. Can you see enough moves ahead to make your opponent put a disc somewhere they don't want to?Contents: Game boards,64 Discs & Instruction sheet. No.of players: 2-4 Players


Weight 805 grams
Color Multi-Color
Ideal for/Suitable For Boys, Girls
Age group 08 to 11 Years, 13 to 17 Years, 18 Years & Up
Type Indoor games
Size (lXbXh) 38*28*4.5
Material Cardboard
Brand Funskool
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