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  • Funskool Playskool Form Fitter
    • The cookie-cutter pieces in blue, green, and red get matched up and dropped in. Be aware that some of the shapes look very similar, so it takes practicing shape discrimination to get it just right
    • There's an extra clue built into the Form Fitter, too: each side has a different texture, and the shapes that fit in that side have the same texture
    • Shape Sorting Game for Young ChildrenBuilds analytical and dexterity skills
    • This is the original imported product

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  • Funskool Stacking Drums for Kids - Multicolor
    • Skillset : Enhances Motor Skills Shape Recognition, Colour Recognition
    • 8 Colorful Drums that Stacks and Nest!
    • Drums have animal shapes on the base
    • Easy to Grip for little hands!
    • Children can see the different sizes and stack one on top of the other

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