Cube Puzzles

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Cube Puzzles

Every parent wants his/her kid to be the smartest and most intelligent. But very few will understand that this is not something that happens overnight. You must set your kid on the right path from their very initial years and keep them focused through their teen years!

The best way to broaden the thought spectrum of your little ones is to hand them over the right toys. Today, toys are not just a plaything. They can prove highly beneficial for improving cognitive thinking and enhancing creativity.

Rubik's puzzles top the list of right toys meant for making your babies smart, active and intelligent. This cube puzzle is almost a half century old and was originally known as magic cube. This ‘toy of the year’ from 1980’s can keep you smart and witty even when you’ll get white whiskers and turn 100!

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Your kid will get elated with our exciting range of products and stay engaged for hours! While getting engrossed in working out the solution, they will also hone their problem solving and concentration skills!

Rubik, the inventor of the puzzle cube took over a month to work out the solution to his puzzle. Let’s see how much time you take to solve it! Just to keep yourself motivated, remember the world record is 5.25 seconds!