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Play Sets

Pretend play is the best option for kids to get a sense of the world around them. It is also the best form of exercise for kids, which brings wholesome physical as well as mental development.

Playing the role of their mommy or daddy is the first thing they’ll pretend to be. You might have caught your baby girl trying on your lipsticks or your little son eager to drive your car. All these are signs that they want to enact grown up roles. In their eyes, all grown-ups like their mommy and daddy are super strong and have knowledge about anything and everything!

After their parents, the kids will move on to pretend other roles like doctors, cooks, mechanics etc. These roles also give them a sense of the world and social responsibilities. Pretending and enacting such roles makes your kids better at handling situations and improves their decision-making. Moreover, all that hyperactivity in the living room will also help build their muscles and strengthen their bones. So, all in all pretend play has double benefits of mental and physical development.

To engage your kids in pretend play, you can buy from all the different options of kids’ playsets on ToyCart. Our wide catalogue of kids play sets has foldable work bench set instruments, cooking & baking toys, kitchen play sets for kids, play food & housekeeping, play tents, play houses, pretend play toys and furniture and puppets. Shop on our website and get the best online shopping experience!

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