Pretend Play

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  • Lego My First Ladybug 10859
    • Features a buildable ladybug on a Lego Duplo wheelbase
    • Also includes a double-sided awake/asleep face brick as a story starter
    • Also includes a flower element
    • A quick and simple build for hours of fun

    Regular Price: ₹499

    Special Price ₹449

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  • Lego Farmers' Market 10867
    • Includes 3 Lego Duplo figures, a market stall owner, dad and a child, plus a bird figure
    • Features a market stall and a buildable car
    • Accessory elements include a cash register, pumpkins, apples and corn on the cob
    • Preschool children will enjoy driving the car to the farmers' market and exploring the produce on offer

    Regular Price: ₹2,399

    Special Price ₹2,159

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  • Lego Dozer Compactor 42071
    • Features a driver's cab, working blade and steering and hard compactor wheels
    • Check out the awesome blue, grey, black and orange colour scheme
    • Steer the dozer compactor into position, lower the huge blade and get ready for an awesome display of power
    • Also includes a set of stickers for additional detailing

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

    Special Price ₹1,799

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  • Lego Mountain Fugitives 60171
    • Includes 4 minifigures, 2 police officers and 2 crooks
    • Features a police atv with bubble light, off-road tires and a chain element
    • Also includes a buildable tree with beehive, moving greenery and a loot hideout
    • Drop the beehive from the tree onto a crook's head to stop them from escaping

    Regular Price: ₹1,099

    Special Price ₹989

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  • Lego Mining Team 60184
    • Blow up the rock pile and discover gold
    • Includes 4 miner minifigures and a spider figure
    • Features a dumper with tipping bed and space for a minifigure, also includes a research station with space for golden nugget elements and a rock pile with breakaway elements, space for a dynamite stick element and golden nugget elements
    • Spider glows in the dark, set the dynamite element on the rock pile and push the handle down to break it apart

    Regular Price: ₹1,099

    Special Price ₹989

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  • Lego Mining Heavy Driller 60186
    • Drive in the heavy driller and start digging the cave, , Drill into the rock in the mine cave to find the gold
    • Set includes a spinning heavy driller, shovel loader with bed, mountain cave, lab, 3 minifigures and a spider figure
    • Includes 3 minifigures, 2 miners and a geologist, plus a spider figure
    • Features a functioning heavy driller with minifigure cab and a shovel loader with tipping bed

    Regular Price: ₹4,999

    Special Price ₹4,499

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  • Lego Zane's Ninja Boat Pursuit 10755
    • Features a temple with ramps, a dock, spinning knives and snake obstacles, treasure map with stand and decorative staffs
    • Includes Zane and chopper maroon minifigures
    • Also includes a motorbike and a boat with turning wheel, chain with hook, ice bolts and golden staff elements that double as secret weapons
    • Spin the snakes and knives to slow down chopper maroon's bike

    Regular Price: ₹2,299

    Special Price ₹2,069

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  • Lego My First Race Car 10860
    • Features a buildable race car on a Lego Duplo wheelbase
    • Also includes a double-sided brick featuring different driver characters as story starters
    • A quick and simple build for hours of driving fun
    • This set is a great toy to take and play with wherever you go

    Regular Price: ₹499

    Special Price ₹449

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  • Lego Farm Animals 10870
    • Includes 4 animal figures, a calf, piglet, chicken and a cat
    • Features a chicken coop with opening door
    • Feed the animals using the trough and water bucket
    • Put the chicken to bed in its coop

    Regular Price: ₹1,199

    Special Price ₹1,079

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  • Lego Off-Road Chase 60170
    • Includes 2 minifigures, a police officer and crook, plus a snake figure
    • Features a crook hideout with greenery and space for loot
    • Also includes a police motocross bike with kickstand and off-road tires
    • Accessory elements include 2 jewel elements, a crowbar and handcuffs

    Regular Price: ₹599

    Special Price ₹539

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  • Lego Mountain Arrest 60173
    • Includes 4 minifigures, a police officer, pilot and 2 crooks, plus a bear figure
    • Features a 2-level crooks' hideout with bathtub, opening door, beehive and crane with chain
    • Move the crane arm on the hideout to lower the backpack and loot to the ground
    • Hit the trigger on the net shooter to launch the net at the crook while the officer rappels to the ground using the winch and hook

    Regular Price: ₹6,499

    Special Price ₹5,849

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  • Lego Mountain River Heist 60175
    • Includes 4 minifigures: a police pilot, security officer and 2 crooks
    • Also includes a falling tree with beehive
    • Cut the tree to stop the money transport
    • Accessory elements include a chainsaw, 4 golden plates, 2 golden bars, handcuffs, string net, crowbar and a buildable pallet

    Regular Price: ₹4,999

    Special Price ₹4,499

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Pretend Play

Definitely you want your little ones to achieve the highest in their lives and be super successful. However, the very foundation of such dreams must be built from their golden childhood. So, let your junior learn, explore, and stretch their vision.

Just imagine your ‘oh-so-charming’ daughter baking a cake in her cute kitchen or sorting the veggies and fruits on the dining table. Obviously, she loves being in-charge and doing things in her own way. And, when your ‘oh-so-energetic’ son gets into the mood of a guitarist, he enjoys to the core while singing out loud and pulling the strings of his guitar.

These role play toys flourish your toddlers in the most prudent manner. It makes them believe that there is no one in the world that they can’t be! Pretend toys will keep your brats active and busy for hours. Through make-believe acts, your little ones learn storytelling and social skills that will aid in broadening their thought spectrum.

So parents, what are you waiting for? Make the world of your beautiful daughter and high-spirited son all more fun with pretend play supplies from ToyCart. Our wide catalog offers kids’ instruments, cooking & baking toys, play kitchen sets, play food & housekeeping, play tents, play houses, pretend play toys and furniture and puppets.

We at ToyCart understand all your parenting needs and responsibilities. So, we have made the online shopping experience as easy as it can be! Browse our wide selection from the comforts of your own home and get your package delivered right at your doorstep!

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