Pretend Play

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  • Electric Baby Rocking Chair
    • Ergonomic booster cushion with reversible headrest, in knitted and tricot fabric
    • Adjustable to three different heights.
    • Natural sounds and soothing vibrations create a relaxing atmosphere and gently rock your baby.
    • Soft padded crotch strap.
    • 2 position adjustable seat to switch from rest-mode and play mode in seconds.
    • Removable toy bar to make it easier to place and remove the baby.
    • The toys in the wood have extra-soft tricot and felt parts; designed to ensure infants enjoy their first ever play experience.

    Regular Price: ₹4,999

    Special Price ₹2,399

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  • Super Tools Foldable Work Bench Play Set
    • Role-play Tool Set & Bench
    • Multiple Piece Tool Set
    • Easy storage - all stores away in Carry Case.
    • Battery Operated 2-way Drill
    • Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included).

    Regular Price: ₹1,199

    Special Price ₹999

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  • Percussion Musical Drums with Lights
    • Play along with 5 songs or create your own
    • Light-Up key
    • 2-in-1 volume control and power button
    • Drum Along
    • Light-up Keys

    Regular Price: ₹999

    Special Price ₹499

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  • Kitchen Play Set with doll
    • Set Includes -Small Cupboard,Stove,Microwave,Dining Table,Refrigerator,Dish washer,Crockery,Doll
    • Min Age: 3 yrs
    • Type: Kitchen and Household
    • Skillset: Hand and eye co-ordination, motor skills, creativity and imagination
    • This cute activity toy as a great way to encourage creative play and motor skill development
    • Encourages imaginative and creative play
    • Made from non toxic safety plastic

    Regular Price: ₹949

    Special Price ₹449

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  • Bubble World Games for Kids
    • Simple functioning but Hard-core Fun
    • Lightweight, easy to handle
    • Battery operated

    Regular Price: ₹599

    Special Price ₹299

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  • Fisher Price Baby Rocking Chair
    • The natural movement of the baby causes the chair to move smoothly
    • Soothing vibrations,Modern design, anti skid
    • Designed especially for little ones without shield anti spatters
    • This is an original imported product

    Regular Price: ₹4,999

    Special Price ₹4,499

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  • Mattel Bounce Off Game, Multi Color
    • It’s the ultimate head-to-head competition game
    • Race to recreate the pattern on the challenge card by bouncing balls into the grid
    • The first color to complete the pattern wins the card
    • Earn 3 cards to win the game
    • Includes 9 challenge cards, 16 balls and a game grid
    • Bounce It In. Line them Up. Rule The Table

    Regular Price: ₹899

    Special Price ₹809

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  • Fisher Price Wobbly Fun Ball - Red
    • Brightly coloured ball about 6-7 inches in diameter with oblong and round holes
    • Come with two other smaller brightly coloured balls with bells inside that makes tinkling sounds when it rolls around
    • The ball comes with a weighted base for easy rolling
    • Your child will feel happy when the bell inside the ball rings. Brightly colored ball with weighted base for lively wobbly action.

    Regular Price: ₹399

    Special Price ₹359

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  • Mattel Junior Scrabble Game
    • Now kids can enjoy all the fun and challenge of Scrabble at their own level
    • Younger children start the fun by linking letters on the board that includes pictures
    • Helps kids improve their vocabularies and spelling skills
    • This is the original imported product

    Regular Price: ₹699

    Special Price ₹629

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  • Funskool Activity Ball
    • 2 Easy to Fit Segments
    • A fun learning kit, this playset also develops basic counting skills in your kid
    • Develops hand to eye co-ordination
    • Develops color recognition Playing with this amazing toy enables the development of color identification skill in your kid
    • Helps In Developing Basic Counting Skills
    • Assemble & Roll

    Regular Price: ₹325

    Special Price ₹293

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  • Tool Car Toy for Kids
    • Attractive color, unique design and environmental friendly material
    • Good choice for building up friendship between children
    • Enhance the operational ability
    • This is the original imported product

    Regular Price: ₹1,699

    Special Price ₹999

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  • Tent House - Paint Your imagination
    • It's an awesome tent house painting game for kids
    • Recommended for 5 Years to 7 Years
    • Pack includes 6 water colors, 1 brush, 1 tent house, assembling pipes and joints
    • Space up-to 91 cm X 68.5 cm X 64 cm X 48 cm

    Regular Price: ₹965

    Special Price ₹599

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Pretend Play

Definitely you want your little ones to achieve the highest in their lives and be super successful. However, the very foundation of such dreams must be built from their golden childhood. So, let your junior learn, explore, and stretch their vision.

Just imagine your ‘oh-so-charming’ daughter baking a cake in her cute kitchen or sorting the veggies and fruits on the dining table. Obviously, she loves being in-charge and doing things in her own way. And, when your ‘oh-so-energetic’ son gets into the mood of a guitarist, he enjoys to the core while singing out loud and pulling the strings of his guitar.

These role play toys flourish your toddlers in the most prudent manner. It makes them believe that there is no one in the world that they can’t be! Pretend toys will keep your brats active and busy for hours. Through make-believe acts, your little ones learn storytelling and social skills that will aid in broadening their thought spectrum.

So parents, what are you waiting for? Make the world of your beautiful daughter and high-spirited son all more fun with pretend play supplies from ToyCart. Our wide catalog offers kids’ instruments, cooking & baking toys, play kitchen sets, play food & housekeeping, play tents, play houses, pretend play toys and furniture and puppets.

We at ToyCart understand all your parenting needs and responsibilities. So, we have made the online shopping experience as easy as it can be! Browse our wide selection from the comforts of your own home and get your package delivered right at your doorstep!

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