Tent Houses

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  • Dream Tent House for Kids
    • Retractable Door The playhouse is fitted with a retractable door for providing easy access to kids
    • Space up-to 95 x 75 x 107 cm
    • No Tools Required, Easy to Set Up Being specifically designed for kids aged 3 to 10 this amazing playhouse is easy to assemble without the use of any heavy and sharp-edged tool
    • Tents & Camping Sets and ideal for boys and girls

    Regular Price: ₹899

    Special Price ₹405

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  • Light Kids Tent House
    • Tents & Camping Sets
    • Space up-to 95 cm X 75 cm X 107 cm
    • No Tools Required, Easy to Set Up Being specifically designed for kids
    • Both Indoor and Outdoor Use Ideal for both girls and boys
    • Comes with LED lights

    Regular Price: ₹995

    Special Price ₹730

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  • Tent House - Paint Your imagination
    • It's an awesome tent house painting game for kids
    • Recommended for 5 Years to 7 Years
    • Pack includes 6 water colors, 1 brush, 1 tent house, assembling pipes and joints
    • Space up-to 91 cm X 68.5 cm X 64 cm X 48 cm

    Regular Price: ₹965

    Special Price ₹599

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Tent Houses

If you are looking for the best tent house for kids, then you have landed on the right page. Choose from a wide selection of children play tents online and experience an effortless shopping experience. Searching for the best product on ToyCart is a painless process. Search by age, gender, price, material, or/and category.

These kids play tents are made with durable materials and can be set up both indoors as well as outdoors. Our play tents can withstand heat and dust elements and still remain usable for a long time. Simply take them out from the box and set it up. These kids tent house will instantly transform your living area or backyard. Play tents available on ToyCart are travel friendly. So, you can use these kids tents for family outings and vacations as well.

It is best to gift your kids tent house which they color with their favourite color and pattern. In this way, they will enjoy playing in their tent even more.

Browse through all the options of tents available on ToyCart and gift your child their own space in the home. A tent house helps in giving your child the quiet space in which they can read books, play board games or do their homework. Play tents are the most versatile option when it comes to kids’ playtime and fun.

So, don’t wait anymore and order a tent house today on ToyCart and have it delivered to your door step in a couple of days.