Learning Toys

Learning Toys

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  • Ekta Plot-4
    • Choose who plays first.The player who starts the first game will play second in the next game.
    • Each player in his turn, drop one of his colored counter in any of the slot in the grid.
    • The play alternates until one of the players get four colors in a row that can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
    • The player who gets four in a row first wins.

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  • Annie Kiddy Microscope for Kids
    • Recommended Age: 10 years and up
    • Ideal for: Girls and boys
    • Includes: 4 blank slides, 1 prepared slide, 1 plastic ware, 1 tweezer, blank labels and 2 collection bottles
    • Focus Adjuster, Conversion Equipment, Object Stage, Microscope Base and Lights Power Switch

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  • Ekta Science Kit for Kids
    • Science Starter Kit with Over 60 Fun Experiments
    • The Students Learn-Water, Chemical, Sound, Optic Chemistry state of Matter, Force Basics, Earth Crust and Climate With Over Sixty Fun Experiments
    • An Experiments Guide which gives Practical Knowledge To The Student
    • Recommended for ages 8 & above

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  • Annie Educational Solar Robot Kit for Kids- 14 in 1 Pack
    • Snap together plastic parts
    • No Screws no tools required
    • Easy to assemble
    • 14 different working models
    • Fun and learning at the same time

    Regular Price: ₹999

    Special Price ₹699

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Learning Toys

Learning is essential and an ongoing part of life. Children learn better when learning becomes fun for them. With old learning techniques, they tend to get bored easily and become disinterested very soon. So, this is where learning toys come into the picture. These playthings make juniors learn new things while keeping their ‘fun’ part intact.

Learning toys make the process of ‘understanding and absorbing’ simple and exciting. ToyCart brings to you a plenty of such toys and that too, at very decent prices. We have a wide array of educational toys that will not only keep your brats engaged and happy, but will also help in enhancing their skills. Thus, choose from the best children educational toys or kids learning toys for your growing ones and help them grasp and gain in a better way.

From familiarizing your small angels with letters & numbers, improving their identification skills, to their overall cerebral development; these so-called playthings can play a major role in the growth of your child. You want to teach the basics of math or science to a preschooler or want your little alien to know more about music or art; just try these and see the magic!

To boost your offspring learn more and more, go through our library of toys that include Learning Play sets, Learning Accessories, Learning Books, Science & Education and Electronic Learning Toys. You can hand-pick the one that is in accordance with the interest of your young one. Shop from our range and make your kids learn in an enjoyable way.