Building Sets

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  • Sluban Formula Building Blocks Toy- 257 Pieces
    • It prepares the young mind to take the challenge of speed with control at a young age
    • This model block toys set contains total 257 number of building blocks
    • Assembling this toy will help in better eye and hand coordination in kids
    • Age group: 6 years and above

    Regular Price: ₹1,099

    Special Price ₹989

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  • Chicco Super Rocking Rings
    • Transparent ring has rattling beads
    • Product dimensions 13X25X13 cm
    • Age group - 9m-36m
    • It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills

    Regular Price: ₹999

    Special Price ₹899

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  • Ekta Stack A Ring Junior
    • Non-Toxic
    • Unbreakable
    • Colourful
    • Washable
    • Brand - Ekta

    Regular Price: ₹240

    Special Price ₹120

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  • Fisher Price Baby Activity Chain Multicolor
    • Multi-colored and non-toxic
    • No sharp edges
    • Improves grasping ability of your kid
    • Light weight and easy to carry

    Regular Price: ₹249

    Special Price ₹224

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  • Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups
    • 10 cups in different sizes and colors
    • Each cup sports a number from 1 to 10
    • Develops cognitive and fine motor skills
    • Visually attractive and easy to play with

    Regular Price: ₹699

    Special Price ₹629

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  • Little's Junior Ring Stack
    • Five Multiple colored rings of different sizes
    • Intended to develop ideas and concepts of Color, Shape
    • Made from completely tested Non-toxic material
    • No sharp edges and sides

    Regular Price: ₹225

    Special Price ₹203

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  • Lego Drone Explorer 31071
    • Also features an orange, white and black colour scheme complete with red navigation lights
    • Prepare for vertical take-off-then set out on a secret mission
    • Grab objects with the drone's lifting claw and deliver them to their destination
    • Futuristic drone featuring lots of cool and realistic details, including twin rotors, posable cameras, large opening cockpit and landing gear that doubles as a lifting claw

    Regular Price: ₹999

    Special Price ₹899

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  • Lego Extreme Engines 31072
    • Features a blue, white, yellow and black colour scheme
    • Adjust the wing mirrors, set the rear spoiler for maximum speed, take your position on the start line and prepare for some high-speed action
    • The 3-in-1 extreme engines set features a rebuildable race car with lots of authentic details
    • This construction toy is suitable for ages 6-12

    Regular Price: ₹999

    Special Price ₹899

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  • Lego Mia's Bedroom 41327
    • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure, plus a twister the bunny figure
    • Features a high-sleeper tree house-style bed with steps, skateboard ramp, bunny house and a flag, all set on a green heart-shaped baseplate
    • Accessory elements include a skateboard, paddle, walkie-talkie, carrot and a basket
    • Care for Mia's pet bunny in her bedroom

    Regular Price: ₹999

    Special Price ₹899

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  • Lego Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom 41329
    • Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a buildable zobito robot figure
    • Accessory elements include a tablet, coffee cup and a milk bottle
    • Help Olivia get to work on her latest invention with her trusty assistant, zobito
    • Use the functioning elevator and track system in this fun toy to help zobito reach the top of the room, where he powers down at night

    Regular Price: ₹1,699

    Special Price ₹1,529

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  • Lego Stephanie's Soccer Practice 41330
    • Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure, plus a dash puppy figure
    • Features a soccer goal with moving goalkeeper platform, soccer ball launcher with shooting function, strategy board and a drinks station
    • Accessory elements include a ball, water bottle, hot dog, dog bowl and a bone
    • Brush up on tactics at the strategy board and practice your aim by shooting the ball at the goal

    Regular Price: ₹1,999

    Special Price ₹1,799

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  • Lego Emma's Art Stand 41332
    • Includes an Emma mini-doll figure, plus a Chico the cat figure
    • Accessory elements include a safety helmet, several artwork tiles, price list, heartlake city park map, 'I love heartlake city' mug, cookie and a bow
    • Help Emma paint pictures of all her best friends in their favourite locations around heartlake city
    • Drive around on the scooter to visit friends or tow the art stand to heartlake city park

    Regular Price: ₹2,299

    Special Price ₹2,069

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Building Sets

In the present time and age, competition is all around us. It is very important to set your little ones on the right path from a very early age. To achieve this, the love of learning needs to be inculcated in your little ones and this desire to learn more and more will last in them for many years to come.

The building sets available on are just perfect for both boys and girls. Our products like Chicco super rocking rings, Fisher price baby activity chain multicolor, Ekta word building sets and more help the little ones to organize, plan and solve problems at hand. These skills aid the young ones to overcome challenges with ease later in their life.

You will always be stunned with the way your little genius can stack various rings or form creative chains with simple building blocks. Moreover, building blocks are such toys that never get old and your kid will never get bored with them as there are numerous building opportunities with just one set. Take your old creation apart and start building something new every time! The completed are like winning trophies of your little ones that will adorn your office desks and living room shelves beautifully.

Building sets will also help in the physical development of your little angels. They improve imagination, had eye coordination, problem solving skills and impart a hobby for creating something wonderful and creative every single time! One more thing, building sets are the perfect toys to spend more time with your kiddiewinks and bond with them!

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