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Skates have been around for many centuries now. They were introduced in the year 1743 and became immensely popular during the 19th century. Every child wanted to feel the breeze on their face when they push forward their skates. The feeling of moving forward without putting in much effort like in walking is cheerful.

Skates are more than just fun. It gets the kids and young ones step out the brick walls and meet people. It is an extremely efficient resource to move your little ones away from the LED screens. Skating only requires a smooth, solid surface, skates and nothing else!

Skating is an excellent physical activity. You burn calories while having fun rolling on your skates. This makes skating even more tempting. Skating is comparatively an easy cardio exercise and it doesn’t put much pressure on your joints. As this activity uses the motion of your entire body, it improves your overall health. Skating is also a very refreshing exercise. IT lifts your mood and you will hardly any skater with a frown on their face.

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