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  • Funskool Playdoh Play Faces for Kids
    • Make your favorite face with parts made from face-parts moulds provided with this kit
    • Fill the hair extruder with Play-Doh modelling compound and press to make hair
    • Fix the hair on the head or on the moustache piece provided
    • Lever to make eyes roll and to open and close mouth and much more

    Regular Price: ₹399

    Special Price ₹359

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  • Funskool Playdoh - Tea For Two
    • Age : 3 Years & Above
    • Brand : Playdoh
    • Type : Arts & Crafts
    • Skillset : Hand- Eye Co-orination,creativity

    Regular Price: ₹299

    Special Price ₹269

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  • Ekta Active Sand Sea Creatures
    • Key Feature 1 : Specially designed with no sharp edges
    • Teach your child all about sea creatures with this amazing Active sand Sea Creatures
    • his amazing active sand sea creatures contains artificial sand and sea creature structures in different colours
    • This active sand sea creatures helps in hand and eye coordination
    • Recommended Age : 3+

    Regular Price: ₹370

    Special Price ₹185

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  • Craftival Imagi Doh Mini Delight, Multi Color
    • Mould, make, and serve up your creations with world class
    • Child safe and non toxic imagi doh modelling compound
    • Opens up a world of creative possibilities
    • En 71 certified

    Regular Price: ₹129

    Special Price ₹116

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  • Craftival Imagi Joy Doh - 6 Colours
    • Mould, Make, And Serve Up Your Creations With World Class
    • En 71 Certified
    • Child Safe And Non Toxic Imagi doh Modelling Compound
    • Opens Up A World Of Creative Possibilities

    Regular Price: ₹99

    Special Price ₹89

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  • Craftival Imagi Doh Mega Joy Pack Of 12 Multicolour
    • Non-toxic
    • Safe for children
    • Soft and smooth
    • Shape plastic moulds for better grip & control

    Regular Price: ₹199

    Special Price ₹179

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  • Pottery Wheel with Clay and Color Brushes for Kids
    • Children's DIY Pottery Wheel Kit for Making Handmade Clay Pot Designs
    • Battery operated Pottery Wheel & Pottery Plate
    • Support for Decorating & Sculpting
    • Developing Artistic Skill and Talent in your child
    • attractive and easy to carry
    • Sculpting Tools x2
    • Color Tray
    • 6 Colors Acrylic Paint.
    • Clay (Total 800G)
    • 2 Cenuine Brushes

    Regular Price: ₹699

    Special Price ₹302

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  • Ben Ten Super Light Clay for Kids
    • Fine Texture & tensile strong
    • re-usable & environmental friendly
    • non-toxic & health guarantee
    • Colorful, easy shaping & quick drying

    Regular Price: ₹599

    Special Price ₹270

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  • Funskool Fundoh Fun Pack- Multi Color
    • Fun Doh Funskool presents Mould fun shapes and craft cool creatures with this exiting pack of 12 different shades of colors
    • Safe for children, Made of non toxic materials
    • Plastic container comes with snap on lid to keep dough fresh
    • Great for creative play

    Regular Price: ₹299

    Special Price ₹269

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  • Funskool Playdoh Breakfast Buffet Kit for Kids
    • The Play doh breakfast buffet kit from Funskool is non-toxic and safe for kids. It allows them to create real-looking breakfast items with the help of the moulds.
    • Includes doh extruder, mould and plastic cutlery like fork, knife and spatula
    • Kids will learn while they play with this set. They can pretend to be chefs and whip up a healthy breakfast for customers using the various accessories.
    • Watch them enact everyday breakfast scenes where mom or dad make yummy waffles or dish up some fried eggs. They can also create anything else they desire with this Play doh kit for kids.

    Regular Price: ₹399

    Special Price ₹359

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  • Funskool Play Doh Birthday Fun for kids
    • Molding and giving shape to this cake improves your child’s motor skills.
    • Playing with this arts and crafts set will give your child a fun-filled playtime and also teach her the basics of giving shape to a cake and completing it with excellent icing
    • Your little one will imagine and be creative when decorating the cake with Play-Doh Birthday Fun
    • Includes birthday gift boxes with 4 decorative molds, extruder for 5 different shapes, two plates, molds to make six decorative shapes, play candles with flame, cake server a modeling knife and three containers with the colorful dough

    Regular Price: ₹399

    Special Price ₹359

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  • Funskool Play Doh Rose Garden Set
    • Create a world of roses and other exotic flowers
    • Children can now let the world have a 3-dimensional view of their flowery art forms
    • Play- doh helps a toddler practice and develop certain physical skill with the hands when they manipulate the dough with their fingers such as pinching, squeezing or poking while they play with the doh.
    • This Funskool Play-Doh Rose Garden enhances your toddler’s imagination and other cognitive skills such as problem solving and imitation. Recommended for the children of three years and above. Kids can have same amount of fun and learning at the same time

    Regular Price: ₹299

    Special Price ₹269

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Clay and Dough

It’s the little things in life that count when it comes to observing your bundle of joy, similarly it is the little things that matter and helps in improving the intelligence quotient of your kids. Letting your kids play with clay and dough is one of the best ways of making them learn various skills.

Moulding clay in nature is generally considered therapeutic as it is calming for everyone. Besides forming various shapes, the feeling of squishing, rolling, flattening into various shapes is very satisfactory for the kids as well as for the adults. During the process of moulding you can observe how your kid’s craft their imagination with clay and dough. This is the best way for the kids to express their creativity through their fingers. In addition, this play encourages problem-solving skills in the little ones. Moreover, you will brim with joy once you see your little one is able to create something creative from his/her imagination.

If your kiddo is an aspiring sculptor, then this will be a perfect gift for them. From ToyCart you can easily pick your favorite clay and dough by sitting at your place and that also in your comfort zone. You just need to scroll, explore and choose from the wide range of clay and dough available on the site and order for yourself or for your little ones.

Shopping from ToyCart is super easy as there are multiple options available for payments: COD, Debit/Credit card or net banking.

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